Our Mission


 An Advertising Agency and Event Management Organization Be Positive was formed in 2006 in Khulna, with the goal of managing memorable events and help clients to effectively promote their messages.

With our hard working, young and energetic team, we set to design and organize events for our clients that help them achieve their target best.

We have been contributing immensely to expansion and development of commerce and industries of the country by managing various attractive media such as News paper booking, printing, illuminated sign, Neon sign, wall painting, vinyl cutting, digital printing pasting on Polly Glass or Pan flex Paper, Back, Front lit shop sign and Interior decoration with maintenance home equipment.

We have a creative department, media department and client services department. Well experienced outdoor contractors are working with us. We assure high quality and maintain our standard. We always try to provide good range services for our valued clients.

We complete our every job without compromising its most important principle...Every event is unique. So, every concept is original and tailor-made to fit that event” We still manage to deliver cost-effective events to our clients, thanks to our in-house solutions.

An Event Management Be Positive will be a leading company in organizing quality, unique and cost-effective events. With the constant introduction of new trends, and with the integrated business solutions we provide, we strive to provide our clients with the best service they can accept.


Our Missions:


  • To work with our clients for their long term benefit,
  • To constantly research and develop new strategies, technologies and skills,
  • To provide exceptional service,
  • To maintain constant communication.


Special Attributes

  • Awareness in contemporary marketing ideas
  • Creative concepts and ideas, below the line and collaterals
  • Staging designs, decorations, mechanism and constructions
  • Event co-ordination and show execution
  • All works are departmentalized
  • Furnished with adequate and modern equipment
  • Maintains professionalism and quality in providing service
  • Aggressive and daring in performing of any job within the shortest possible time
  • Reasonable price is charged for a job
  • Emergency service delivery